Jacques Tange

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Message from the artist

”Dear viewers, I welcome you to my colorful world. Please take your time and watch the artworks for a while. Maybe you will discover the themes of the work; most of them are about love and life, city and nature, where the human menagerie dwells as does in dreams. You know dreams are just another reality.”  Jacques Tange



Born in Vlissingen, The Netherlands, in 1960, Jacques Tange knew from an early age he wanted to become a professional artist. He was educated at the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam.

Inspired by the illuminated handwritings of the middle ages, he uses his own imagination and humour in present-day themes. The ornamentation and his typical use of bright colours are applied with the use of archetypes and methaphors. Tange is a creator of a world which is as recognisable as it is strange. What is shown to us is a closed world.

The use of intimate, soft light creates a characteristic atmosphere. His works show a well balanced composition which is made both by object and colours. Recognisable themes regulary return in his artistic work about the relationship between man and woman, the urban jungle and the isolation of the human being.

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upcoming exhibitions

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November 16/17 – 2019: Open Ateliers Schiedam. Schie 50, Schiedam.

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Oktober 13 – 2019: Kunstborrel met een Mexicaanse twist bij Galerie & Artstudio Jacques Tange vanaf 16:00 uur. Dit keer i.s.m. Restaurant 1714 / Drinks & Bites. Galerie & Art Studio Jacques Tange Schie 50, 3111NG Schiedam.

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Oktober 17 – 2019: Meet & Greet JT bij Restaurant 1714/ Drinks & Bites. Vanaf 17.14 uur kunt u hem ontmoeten en met hem in gesprek gaan. U kunt ook een 3 gangen Tange menu bestellen voor de aantrekkelijke prijs van € 29.50. Restaurant 1714 Drinks & Bites Lange Haven 30, Schiedam.

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April 13 t/m 28 – 2019: Old Stuff, Old Prices:  U bent van harte welkom op zaterdag 13 april in de Studio van Jacques om de opening bij te wonen. Prachtige oudere werken voor oude prijzen.

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December/januari 2018/2019: Exhibition at the beautiful Dock gallery, Veerhaven 4 Rotterdam

October 2018: Exhibition at the ”Willy Wonka Villa – gallery” Middelburg. Tange’s work is traveling back to Zeeland, his roots, during the entire month of October for an exhibtion at the Willy Wonka Gallery in Middelburg. This gallery is home of a charity cause that makes holidays possible for families with chronically ill children. Find more information on their official website.